West Coast-ing, Part the Last: LA and Other Drugs

I type this as we board our plane to head back to the East Coast, after spending two whole days in Los Angeles. And in no way is that enough time to fully appreciate this city. Already I have a list of several dozen things to do the next time I’m in town.

Now, technically, we stayed in Marina del Rey, but we still did plenty of stuff in L.A.

There’s an interesting Museum of Tolerance there, detailing global histories of bigotry and hatred. I must say, though, I was struck by how broadly the museum takes the idea of tolerance. They, of course, feature the horrid treatment of Jews in Hitler’s Germany and the unfortunate history of racial subjugation in our own country. But on the other hand, there was an interactive exhibit on dealing with bullying, and on a wall showing notable, historical moments of intolerance, there was a Playboy cover. I guess it was there to make a point about the treatment of women, it was just a bit odd to see that included on a wall detailing the Holocaust, the internment of Japanese-Americans, and civil rights protestors being attacked by police.

I also got to see what is perhaps one of the most breathtaking views of any city I’ve ever seen. I won’t say where (takes the mystery out of it), but it’s a great view of the L.A. skyline and the famous Hollywood sign.

And, of course, you can’t go to L.A. without going to a show of some kind. Go see the Groundlings if you ever get the chance; some very funny improv is to be found there.

All in all, L.A. was great, except for the fact that I was sick for a lot of it. Not like “I’m going to die at any second” sick, just “Ah goddammit I’m gonna be coughing all day” sick. Still, being in L.A. balanced things out a bit.


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