West Coast-ing, Part the First: Sand, It’s Everywhere. Get Used to It.

Sand is one of those things you both love and hate. On the one hand, it feels so nice nestled between your toes. It’s like if a pillor exploded into a billion tiny grains. On the other hand, it’s so unpleasant to walk on. The feel of it is nice, but it’s just so uneven and mushy that it’s really uncomfortable to walk a fair distance on.

But brush aside all the sand mounds on the bead and you get to the rock and gravel, and by God that would be much less pleasant to step on.

And that is the horrible analogy I’m using to describe this California journey: brushing aside all the sand to get to the rock center of the Golden State.

First step on this journey yesterday: sand dunes. And no, stepping on the beach is not as fun as Spongebob made it out to be.

Okay, maybe I should just not dwell so much on the sand.

We spent most of the day driving along the very scenic Pacific Coast Highway, stopping in various different locales to admire the view and the assorted shops. And in one of these small towns, there just happened to be a Dr. Seuss art gallery.

And wow, what a place. All this artwork galore!
So many Seuss works inside of this store!
The Sneetches, the Lorax, the Cat in the Hat!
And… tits! Well, we really did not expect that.
And no, I’m not joking, we saw lots of boobs.
Not all of Seuss art was meant just for the noobs.
And friends, I noticed this gem rather quick,
That the Seuss won an Oscar for a World War II flick.

But I digress.

Driving down the highway in California is a pretty unique experience. So many cliffs, so many places to stop and check out the view. Everyone should do this at least once in their lives. Just make sure you bring a map, because you will get absolutely no signal on anything (your GPS, your smartphone) when you’re driving around there.

Oh, and make sure you map out ahead of time where you’re gonna eat, because places to lunch and snack are far and few between.

Next stop: further down the coast somewhere. We’re merrily on our way to nowhere in particular, I guess.

[Editor’s note: In case you’re wondering, the title of this post is a reference to this. Really gonna miss that guy.]



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