The One Corporation to Rule Them All

Mergers have been in the news a lot lately, what with Comcast and Time Warner Cable looking into a fusion and Fox just recently dropping its bid to buy Time Warner. And while it seems rather daunting––the prospect of such giants fusing together––it could be worse. Like, say, a single company owning everything.

Actually, come to think of it…

What if a single company owned everything? What if there was a company that acquired other companies in various different fields and just owned everything?

Well, first off, everyone would have to work for that company. Our salaries would be paid by the company, and our money would go right back to the company when we wanted to purchase goods and services.

Our cable, our internet, our appliances, our furniture, our food, our water, and the cleanliness of the air we breathe would all be in the hands of one company.

And look at it this way, no matter what goes wrong, you can always complain to the same people!

That would sound pretty damn efficient, wouldn’t it?

It also sounds pretty damn authoritarian. So perhaps we might want to avoid that.

[Editor’s note: it would make for a great movie idea, though. Production studios, call me!]


One response to “The One Corporation to Rule Them All”

  1. Ford Fischer says :

    This would certainly be authoritarian if it were possible, but you have to remember that as a company (as opposed to a government), it would still have to be free of force, fraud, or coercion. In other words, people could choose to self-sustain, rather than buying their products to survive. While one self-sustaining person might be good at one thing, say, growing a garden of food so they don’t have to buy it from a mega-company, another might be good at something else, such as building homes. Those two may then exchange food for home-building. The reason such a company couldn’t exist is the same reason it would fall apart: individuals would reorganize and disassociate and compete, while diminishing returns would force this enormous company to be unable to beat these individuals. If this company forced people to buy its products or somehow made it illegal not to, then it would be a government, not a corporation.

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