Let’s Throw Out the Bums!

It’s time to throw out the bums! Who’s with me?!

It’s time we take a stand and said to all these Washington elites, “You’ve been there too long, you bum! It’s time we bring in some fresh new blood!” HUZZAH!

And who do we have to replace these bums? Well, I think you’re going to be pretty darn satisfied with who we’ve come up with.

We are going to replace the bums with… another set of bums! YEAH, FIGHT THE POWER!

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between those bums and these bums?” Well, it’s quite simply, really. We agree politically with these bums! And that makes it okay!

And sure, you might also ask, “Why don’t you try to find actually good politicians instead of just more bums?” Well, to that I say, you clearly don’t love this country like we do if you can’t appreciate how uniquely talented our bums are for the job.


[Editor’s note: this is what passes for political commentary these days, I guess.]



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