New Orleans, Day 5: All That Jazz

Saturday was our final day in N’awlins, and I have to say, aside from all the walking for miles and miles that nearly drove my legs to suicide (a twist on the “stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself” phenomenon most popular amongst schoolyard bullies), it was an enjoyable vacation. When you get right down to it, New Orleans is different from other iconic American cities in this respect: they know how to have fun. New York knows how to take a fun thing and turn it into a giant mess in a matter of seconds, and whenever anything fun happens in D.C., people are generally too outraged by some other thing and/or don’t have time for fun.

Example number one: for every wedding, there is a parade. And anyone can join. Imagine that, Yankees. Imagine getting married, then having a wedding parade on the street and just having random people join in the celebration. There are two exceptions to the “no wedding crashers” rule: one, if it’s in New Orleans; and two, (insert your own joke here because I never saw the movie).

And then there’s the jazz music. Walking around any major mall or big city like New York or Washington D.C., your soundtrack will be an hour of “Get Low” on repeat, followed by a mix of Katy Perry, Macklemore, and “Blurred Lines.” And look, if that’s your jamz, good for you, but every block in New Orleans there are people on the street playing swinging jazz music and it feels so much more authentic and relaxing.

And speaking of authentic, it wouldn’t be a real New Orleans trip without a visit to one of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants. I was disappointed I didn’t hear a single “BAM!” during dinner, but that’s some good cajun cuisine for you. This is probably a good point to mention I don’t like any seafood, so perhaps I’m missing out on the really good stuff…

Ultimately, I’d recommend everyone visit New Orleans at least once. It’s a great city with interesting people. Just remember the three G’s: gators, grits, and ganja… or so I’ve been told, regarding that third thing.


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