As you may now, there are people with eating disorders in this world who engage in “binging and purging.” This phrase popped up in my head recently as the entire nation has been gripped by the phenomenon known as “binge-watching.” I’ve done it, you’ve done it, and a pretty big chunk of Netflix users consumed the latest House of Cards season by binge-watching.

But if “binge-watching” is a thing, what about “binge-watching and purge-watching?”

Now, you may ask, “What is purge-watching?” Well, it’s quite simple. After you binge on something, you want to “purge” it from your system as soon as possible, so “purge-watching” basically means your memories of the thing you just binged would have to be wiped, that way you could enjoy the same thing over and over and over.

And here’s how you would do it. Remember that scene in A Clockwork Orange with the creepy eye machine that brainwashes people? Do that to remove your memories of a certain TV show and presto! Your memories of the TV show you binge-watched would vanish from your being (though the chain of memories will still exist inside your heart no matter how hidden they are and those of you who don’t get the Kingdom Hearts reference can get the hell out).

Now, you laugh, but ask yourselves this: if you had a chance to erase your memories of a certain TV show so you could rewatch it with all the suspense that comes with it, would you take it? I might. I would absolutely love to watch Breaking Bad for the first time again.

I’d also love to forget that Dads ever existed, but that’s just me.


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