Machines Raging Against Slightly Older Machines

“Kids today, they’re such rebels.”

That is what you might typically hear from one of those millennial-bashers either complaining aloud or penning a pointless, Luddite-focused blog post. And in a sense, today’s young people are rebels, but no more so than their parents’ generation when they were young. But I think I’ve figured this out: there is no machine one rages against. There is no “The Man.” Every one of us is a human machine (or body machine, if you know what that’s a reference to), and all we spend our days doing is rebelling against those with a outlook on life that gets in the way of progress and modernity and whatever other TED Talk buzzwords there are.

And it’s not just generation railing against generation, it’s also small age group against another older, small age group. For example, there are plenty of “young” people in my generation who don’t quite like the obsession younger people (tweens, teens, and teeny-boppers) have with social media. So in a sense, these younger people are rebels against the social norms adopted by slightly older people, and we, in essence, become “The Man” to them. Except there’s no one Man. There’s multiple men. So perhaps it’s just “A Man.”

Now, both of these aforementioned groups are in a constant state of rebellion against the older generations, so we’re united on that front, at least.

Meanwhile, the generation we’re rebelling against has a worldview that they believe is not aided by the cranky, elderly generation above them, and while they are adults and respect their elders more than the young’uns do, they’re still rebelling against “A Man” as well in order to attain what they want so that they, in turn, can be “A Man” when it comes to dealing with their children.

There is no such thing as “The Man” or “The Machine.” It’s a silly and pointless rhetorical device, and one day, all of those teens rebelling against “The Man” or “The Machine” will eventually grow into both of those things.


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