Is God Larry David?

Again, I’m an atheist, so take from that what you will about my religious musings. That being said, I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of a prime mover, without whom nothing ever would have happened. But here’s the bigger question of theological import: is God a being that has a predestined plan for each of us, or a being that doesn’t concern Himself with the ins and outs of our lives?

I think if God really did exist, the answer would lie somewhere in between. In other words, God is Larry David.

I should probably explain.

Every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm has a carefully outlined plot and the creator, Larry David, knows where he wants characters to end up. So there is that level of predetermination. But there’s no scripting, it just leaves lots of room for movement and improvisation, so the characters at least have that modicum of control over their destinies.

So why wouldn’t that apply on a theological scale? If you believe that your life is predestined, don’t assume you should be subservient to God every step you take. Sometimes a piece of improv ends up being better than you imagined it in your head, and while God may have seen it coming (omnipotence and all), He would at least appreciate the little twists and turns you’ve pulled off in life.

I’m not saying this would be an ideal, I’m just saying that it at least gives people enough room for free will while still not having entirely free will.

[Editor’s note: if you are a religious studies major or religious scholar or something and are tempted to pen a lengthy, over-sourced response to this piece, get a life.]


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