Of Course Bill Nye Should Have Done the Creation Debate

It’s been bothering me the past week to see people giving Bill Nye crap for agreeing to participate in the Creation Museum debate over evolution. I’ll admit at the outset I still have not seen the debate (I lack the free time presently to do so), but come on. Of course he should have done it!

Yes, the deck is stacked. Yes, it’s painful for anyone with basic understanding of human evolution to hear some of the arguments creationists trot out every time you debate them.

But what is the point of science if not to teach? Bill Nye knew he was entering the lion’s den, but he was going in there in the hope that he might get people thinking. He didn’t have to convert anyone, he just needed to get people thinking. Most people are stuck in their little worlds and don’t bother considering any possibilities beyond what they’ve been taught.

But by making the scientific argument in front of a room of creationists, Bill Nye at least got people thinking. At least he laid out the facts in a room full of people who may never have considered those facts. The possibility that people might be inspired to think beyond their little comfort zones is reason enough to go.

If science is just going to stay out of places where people need it the most, then what’s the freaking point?


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