Can the State of the Union Please Be Something Other Than Strong?

Once in my lifetime, I would like to hear the President of the United States say the phrase “the state of our unions is…” and not have the sentence end in “strong.” We get it. America is strong. America Strong™. Now could we please have an honest assessment of how fucked we are right now?

I know what you’re thinking: the PR would be disastrous, wouldn’t it? No, I don’t think so. We should have a president who can honestly say something like “the state of our union is volatile, but if we work hard, put aside our differences, and assert our role on the world stage, I know we can be strong again.” Or if we still want to give off a positive message, take a page out of Larry David’s book and say “the state of our union is pretty, pretty, pretty good!”

Maybe I’m just nitpicking because I’m cynical and because, really, what purpose does the State of the Union serve other than to gossip about who was sitting next to who and to laugh at someone’s funny/sleepy face? This year it became an opportunity for people to bring special guests like it’s the fucking White House Correspondents Dinner.

It’s one thing to bring a great American like Cory Remsburg or a Reagan economist to this big speech. But the Duck Dynasty guyEd SchultzSean Hannity? Really? Does every member of Congress need a guest to make this speech more bearable?

Then again, this is the same ceremony where, after the big speech, every member of Congress makes a beeline for the president to get the official presidential autograph. It’s like they think he’s Justin Bieber.

Okay maybe not Bieber specifically, but you get the point.


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3 responses to “Can the State of the Union Please Be Something Other Than Strong?”

  1. Invisible Mikey says :

    Actually, what you suggested was done once in my lifetime, and once long ago. In 1981, President Carter wrote in his State of the Union address that America was in a recession, and was therefore in trouble. He got nothing but shit about it from all sides of the political spectrum AND the media. The speech has since then been known as the “Negative on America SOTU”. TOTAL PR disaster.

    The only other “honest” SOTU address given during a bad year was Abraham Lincoln’s, from 1861, at a point where the Civil War could have gone either way.
    The press didn’t like it, and the public was divided in reaction, but at least his supporters in the government thought it was good.

  2. floridawasp says :

    The state of the union is fluid but we our hoping to move it into a more solid state in the near future.

  3. Douglas Bell says :

    I think Gerald Ford also did a “the State of the Union is not good” at one point. Of course we all know how that boded for his re-election chances.

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