Faeries, An Underrated Classic

Welcome to the first in a series of Underrated Classics, where I highlight some works of art, be they movies, songs, or video games, that I believe are vastly underrated in our pop culture.

First up, the movie Faeries.

Growing up we really didn’t have that many family traditions, but something my brothers and I always liked doing was watching kids’ movies and throwing in color commentary about how stupid it was. Basically, it was any midnight viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, except for kids.

And Faeries was one of those movies that’s so bizarre and unintentionally hilarious, it provided plenty of great material to work with. And that’s why it’s an underrated classic.

I couldn’t find it online and our VHS copy is lost to the ages, but basically it involves some little kid getting trapped in the land of the faeries because he’s just so fucking hungry and has to eat their yummy faerie food and once you eat the faerie food bad things happen to you. There’s also a hobgoblin, your generic creepy villain, and, of course, an ancient prophecy that is fulfilled at some point in the course of the film.

Also, Kate Winslet is in it for some reason, so it’s got that going for it.


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