It’s a problem you often hear from elderly crankpots or in millennial-bashing trend pieces: the young people of today don’t have the same work ethic that generations before them did. And while young people have always been obnoxious brats since the beginning of time, generalizing sure is fun, isn’t it?

That being said, people can be incredibly messy and, much of the time, lack the drive to clean things up in a timely manner. And I believe I have a solution for this: making cleaning a meme.

I’m basing this off the insistence that everything anyone does these days becomes an “-ing” meme, whether it be planking or Tebowing or, good God in heaven, Rokering. Those memes are just, in order, lying completely still on a flat surface, kneeling down and praying (which, last time I checked, was not a Tim Tebow-specific thing), and literally just standing behind a lamp with a look of darkness and despair on your face.

So if we’re going to make anything anyone does into a meme now, how about chores?

The first step is to get a celebrity everyone loves, but more importantly, their last name has to be able to comfortably fit “-ing” at the end of it. I’ll use Kristen Bell as an example this one, since, come on, who doesn’t love Veronica Mars. It’s set up as a before-and-after meme, where the picture on the left is of Kristen Bell in an incredibly messy room and the one on the right is of Kristen Bell in a room that’s been cleaned and dusted.

Call it “Belling” and I guarantee you’re going to see a lot more people doing chores only because it’s a popular meme and they don’t want to be out of the herd on the latest online trend.

Here’s two others:

Lagassing– people posting Vines of themselves going “Bam!” while they’re in the middle of cooking, thereby giving the lazy little sods an excuse to cook for once in their lives

WALL-Eing– useful for when you need help stacking boxes

I guess what I’m saying is, if we want to get teens to be more helpful around the house, we’re gonna need celebrities taking pictures of themselves doing laundry and taking out the trash first and pray it takes off as a popular trend


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