All Awards Are Political

This week everyone’s been talking about awards. The Golden Globes were this Sunday, the Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, and in that time I’ve heard quite a lot of complaining about some of the choices. I gave up on caring a while ago, with some exceptions (Nick Offerman better get an Emmy for Parks & Rec before it’s over or there will be hell to pay), because the truth is that all awards are political. Yes, there is an element of “art is subjective” to these decisions, and no one likes the same exact things that you do down the line, but let’s face it: these decisions are all just as deliberated as any politician’s.

What is the trademark of any middling politician? Trying to give everyone what they want so that everybody’s partly happy. That’s what happened at the Golden Globes. There was no movie or TV show that dominated because they were spread out so much. Everyone won something, so really, no one really won anything. It’s a very clever way to ensure that fans of every movie are somewhat satisfied by the choices so no one’s too outraged.

And you know what else politicians do? Campaign! And so do movies! They have all those “for your consideration” ads, they lobby voters, they do everything politicians do, only it’s about things of slightly less importance to the future of the country.


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