A Day in the Life of a Cable News Echo Chamber

Welcome to Pundit Hour! I’m your host, Always Wright, and over the course of the next hour you’ll learn why I am always right about everything and the people you and I disagree with are completely wrong about everything.

Today’s lead story: the political party you don’t ally yourself with is just the worst, am I right? Just the worst.

Here to talk about how they’re just awful are Pundit Hour special guests Bo Ty, columnist for The Observer Times-Post, and Paul C. Wonk, digital editor for ADD News Online. Let me start with you, Bo. They really just suck, don’t they?

“You bet they do.”

Couldn’t agree more. Now to you, Paul. Do you agree with Bo that they suck?

“Yes, absolutely. Unequivocally.”

Excellent. So we’re all on the same page! Thank you for your time tonight, Bo Tie and Paul C. Wonk, thank you for reaffirming everything I brought you on to discuss.

Coming up: more reasons why the people you disagree with suck so much! We’ll have more people coming on to weigh in on why they suck, how much they suck, and whether or not they will continue to suck for the foreseeable future. You’re watching Pundit Hour. Stay tuned.


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