Katniss and the Wolf

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Those are the traffic stats for this website. That first big peak is from when I wrote about Jennifer Lawrence after watching her in The Hunger Games. That second peak is from today, viz. my take on The Wolf of Wall Street.

So yes, I got the message loud and clear, people: I should talk about movies and celebrities more.

Okay, so here goes:

The newest Muppet movie (not the one that’s coming out in March, the one before that) gets all the love, but I am still convinced that Muppet Treasure Island is the best one.

I both like and am terribly confused by every single Wes Anderson movie.

Idris Elba should play The Doctor. (Okay, that one I cribbed from Tumblr, since I don’t actually watch Doctor Who and therefore have no strong opinions about it but still.)

Kate Winslet can name her baby whatever she fucking wants to and I honestly don’t understand why anyone gives a shit in the first place.

I believe the true message of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was not to be more adventurous and make the best possible life for yourself, but that we need a whole album of Kristen Wiig covering David Bowie songs. Also, Adam Scott beardpower.

Every single movie that has been or ever will be should have a sequel starring Tom Selleck.

There, I think that should do it.


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