What’s In, What’s Out, and Who to Watch in 2014

Everyone is doing lists like these, so I figure I should get in the game, using the same formula that everyone else is.

What’s In for 2014: A list of people, things, and cultural trends we’ve arbitrarily decided we want to see more of in 2014, whether or not anyone wants to see more of them or not.

What’s Out for 2014: Same as above, only with “don’t.”

People to Watch in 2014

Jennifer Lawrence (a given, so we’re risking nothing by throwing her in here)

Ted Cruz (because you can’t have a list like this without including someone guaranteed to piss half your readers off)

Hillary Clinton (like I said)

A dude I saw walking by himself on New Year’s Eve (literally watch out for this guy, he wandered into the street drunk and a truck almost ran over him)

Mary Barra (at least one person on this list has to be someone you’ve never heard of so you’re inspired to do some brief Googling)

And that’s how you write a trend piece. You’re welcome.


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