A Realistic Resolution for 2014: Don’t Be an Asshole

When you have a job that involves writing a lot about politics, as mine does, everything you write about automatically gets scrutinized as some kind of partisan attack on one side or another. Anything negative written about a liberal must have had a conservative hack for an author, and vice versa.

But when it comes to religion, politics, and pretty much any other topic, there is one maxim we should all try to live by: don’t be an asshole. And I think that’s a good resolution to keep to in 2014; albeit a more realistic resolution than the others I came up with.

You don’t like what someone wrote on the internet? Fine, voice your beef, get your opinion out there, just don’t be an asshole about it.

Did one of your Facebook friends post something unbelievably stupid and anti-intellectual? Maybe just explain why they’re incorrect instead of being a condescending prick and acting like the smartest person ever.

This’ll be the one goal I’ll try to stick to this year. Because some people look at the world and think “WWJD.” I prefer to look at it and say “DBAA.”

[h/t Breaking Bad]


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