The World Owes Me a Lemon

One of the nice things about growing older is that you get a different perspective on the entertainment you consumed as a child. And sometimes, you learn new things that completely shatter everything you ever thought to be true. For example, I like watching old Disney cartoons (especially the WWII propaganda ones, some very interesting history there), and I always thought that one song Goofy always sang was “The world owes me a lemon.”

It was not until this past year when I realized the line went “The world owes me a livin’.”

That’s one of those moments that makes you feel ashamed of yourself as a human being, when you’re 22 and you honestly thought a bipedal cartoon dog was singing about lemons.

This is how catastrophes begin, people.

One day, you mishear something you hear in a children’s cartoon; the next you misunderstand a comment by another world leader and it’s WAR! Gather the forces, harness the horses! It’s war!

Seriously, though, doesn’t it seem like most of the really big conflicts these days are all about misunderstanding and mishearing what other people are saying? That’s what happens when you have a culture that values soundbites over context, everyone will misunderstand everyone else until we have reduced each other to silly caricatures.

And then the world will owe everyone a lemon.


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