They Don’t Call ‘Em GRIMM Fairy Tales for Nothing…

From the Grimm Fairy Tale Faithful Johannes:

The dance began, with the bride also taking part. Faithful Johannes was watchful and looked into her face. Suddenly she turned pale and fell to the ground as if she were dead. He ran quickly to her, picked her up and carried her into a chamber. He laid her down, then knelt and sucked three drops of blood from her right breast, and spat them out. Immediately she breathed again and regained consciousness.

What the mother of God.

By the way, in this particular story, Faithful Johannes kills a horse and burns a shirt made of gold without any explanation, and the king doesn’t give a crap, but it takes his manservant literally sucking blood from his wife’s tit to finally say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I’ve been reading through a lot of the Grimm Fairy Tales, and there’s a lot of people dying and being punished by turning into animals and execution and being thrown into vats of boiling oil. This is why we sanitize our fairy tales, people!


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