‘Ugh! Stop Liking Things So Much!’

As you know, Breaking Bad ended this year, so we have moved on from the “you’ve gotta catch up to the next episode!” tactic to the far more ambitious “You have to watch this show it’s the best thing ever seriously don’t even question it’s just so awesome the writing the cast the cinematography oh god I think I’m running out of breath…” phase.

Now, if someone says to me, “Nah,” I’ll try to force it, but, you know, whatever. If they just don’t have an interest in checking it out, being an asshole about it won’t help.

But what I find rather strange is the reaction some people have to hearing how much people like a certain show. It’s a reaction along the lines of “Oh my God fans of that show are just so annoying I can’t even watch it because of the fans!”

What kind of asshole move is that?

This sentiment is expressed quite a lot, both online and out loud. On more than one occasion, I’ve heard people saying they can’t get into a show because the show’s fans are just so annoying and quote the lines a lot and are really enthusiastic about it.

I don’t understand this reaction. On any level.

Let me put it this way: there’s a difference between not liking the show Glee and sharing your disdain bordering on contempt for people who like Glee. I prefer shows like Breaking Bad and Archer to Glee, but I’m not going to explode like some sort of crazy person if another person informs me they think Glee is the superior show. Everyone has different tastes.

And most importantly, my opinion of Glee has nothing to do with the people who watch the show. Television is evolving into a more social experience as networks are embracing elements like live-tweeting for primetime programming, but the only relationship that really counts when you watch any form of entertainment is the relationship between you and what you’re watching. That’s the point of art, it’s an exercise in creative subjectivity, allowing for many different people to view the work in unique ways. And you’re never going to be able to fairly judge any work of art if your only prism of experience is through someone else’s lenses.

Basically, whether or not you see Community, Breaking Bad, or some other show shouldn’t depend on what fans post in AV Club comments sections. I mean, come on.


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