Christmas as a Way of Life

There was such good warmth and feeling yesterday, as there is every December 25th. Families are together, people are happy and merry, and cable news is mostly specials and reruns, so it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

And I wonder: what would the world be like if it was like this every day?

Imagine the Village of Christmas. They don’t celebrate Christmas every day in the Village of Christmas (we’ve seen that backfire before), but they treat every day as if it were Christmas. Sure, they fight, because the holidays are never conflict-free, but they get together with their families, reminisce about their lives, sing merry songs, eat and drink until they’re so full they would vomit, and then actually do vomit.

And forget just the village, what about just a group of spiritually-enlightened men and women who worship no gods but the mysticism of Christmas cheer? They go around preaching the gospel of Christmas (not Christianity, Christmas, there’s a BIG difference), telling people to just love others and hold that warm feeling in their hearts every single day; basically like a combination of stoners and missionaries.

Of course, if the Village of Christmas actually existed, no would would have a job, so they’d need to manifest a happiness-based economy. I think that might be a hippie commune the rest of us could really get behind.

The only drawback: the only TV to watch would be Christmas specials the whole damn day.


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