Jennifer Lawrence Is Literally Perfect

Allow me to cop to the shameless clickbait right away. Once I feel more comfortable about people just checking out the blog without having to entice them in so shamelessly, I promise I’ll drop it. We cool? Awesome.


I saw both American Hustle and Catching Fire this weekend, and the big takeaway is, obviously, just how multi-talented Jennifer Lawrence is. But whether it’s J-Law (I cringed a bit just now) or Beyoncé or some other celebrity held in high esteem in this world of ours, there’s always that one phrase that gets bandied about to describe people’s intense emotions about said icon: “literally perfect.”

You may have used it at least once or twice, I’m sure if I went back far enough in my Facebook and Twitter timelines I’d find myself copping to it at some point. It’s a phrase we use quite a lot now to convey just how much we love an artist or a work of art, be it the Girl on Fire, the new hit single from One Direction, or Man of Steel. (Just kidding, no one actually thought Man of Steel was perfect.)

Search Twitter for celebrities like Lawrence and Beyoncé, along with the phrase “literally perfect,” and you’ll see just how vast this linguistic high-jump is.

And it’s a very strange phrase to ascribe to someone. Not because of the obvious “durr no one can ever logically be literally perfect” point, but because it comes across as cultish; made by one blip on the grid is innocent enough, but when hundreds of hundreds of people on Twitter start excitedly gushing with the same exact phrase, then it starts feeling less like E! News and more like The Texting While Walking Dead.

Why is it comforting to call someone “literally perfect” anyway? These aren’t gods, descended from on high to bring joy and love to the masses, they’re just human beings like you and I who get a shit ton of money if they do a good job. Better to take note of the flaws of those we admire, because making the rich and famous seem more human and imperfect means the dream people have of being them someday is much more attainable and realistic.

Except for Amy Adams. She is literally the most perfect human being ever.


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