West Coast-ing, Part the Last: LA and Other Drugs

I type this as we board our plane to head back to the East Coast, after spending two whole days in Los Angeles. And in no way is that enough time to fully appreciate this city. Already I have a list of several dozen things to do the next time I’m in town.

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West Coast-ing, Part the Third: Disney Minus Disney

Yesterday we went to Disneyland. Twice. Well, sort of. Okay, we didn’t actually go to Disneyland. But it felt like we did. Twice

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Weat Coast-ing, Part the Second: Holy Crap That’s a Lot of Square Miles

Yesterday was day two of our road trip down the Cali coast, and our rent-a-car minivan brought us to Hearst Castle and there’s nothing I can say about it other than holy fucking hell. On past vacations, I’ve been to castles in both Scotland and France. In England, I toured Buckingham Palace. And Hearst Castle is the most “Fuck you I’m rich” thing I’ve ever seen.

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West Coast-ing, Part the First: Sand, It’s Everywhere. Get Used to It.

Sand is one of those things you both love and hate. On the one hand, it feels so nice nestled between your toes. It’s like if a pillor exploded into a billion tiny grains. On the other hand, it’s so unpleasant to walk on. The feel of it is nice, but it’s just so uneven and mushy that it’s really uncomfortable to walk a fair distance on.

But brush aside all the sand mounds on the bead and you get to the rock and gravel, and by God that would be much less pleasant to step on.

And that is the horrible analogy I’m using to describe this California journey: brushing aside all the sand to get to the rock center of the Golden State.

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If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Well, Maybe You Should Say It Anyway

Something that stuck out at me this past week was the primary victory speech of Republican Congressman Justin Amash. He defeated his GOP opponent and, in his speech, not only refused to accept his opponent’s concession, but he called his opponent’s attacks on him despicable and said he should apologize straight away. There were lots of mixed reactions. Some thought it inappropriate, some thought it rude, and a couple of talking heads said it was “bad for America” for some reason. Bullcrap.

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Why Is Bacon the Internet’s Favorite Food?

Let me preface this by saying I have nothing against bacon. I’ve tried bacon. It’s okay, I guess. (Though I once tried a pastry someone made with bacon and it was an unpleasant combination taste.) And I know taking this position is contrary to what the internet masses would say, but I just don’t get this fascination with bacon.

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The One Corporation to Rule Them All

Mergers have been in the news a lot lately, what with Comcast and Time Warner Cable looking into a fusion and Fox just recently dropping its bid to buy Time Warner. And while it seems rather daunting––the prospect of such giants fusing together––it could be worse. Like, say, a single company owning everything.

Actually, come to think of it…

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